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Blog posts December 2015

Escaping the computer model of cognition

How do we learn to improvise? How does our mind work? Often, it seems that our brain is analogous to a computer: you put in some instructions or factual information and out pops a product. Instruction manuals, which try to be useful to everyone, often seem (in my opinion) to treat subjects like …

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Gabriela Montero's interview with Naomi Lewin on WQXR

The following transcription of Gabriela Montero's interview describes some of the difficulties of improvising in the classical world, her roots as a musical storyteller, and her critical attitudes towards her being a creative artist as well as a concert pianist.

NL: Why is improvisatio…

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Why don't more classical musicians improvise?!/story/time-return-improvisation-its-classical-roots/

Article with audio podcast from New York's classical radio station WQXR-FM.

Naomi Lewin interviews Clive Brown, a professor of applied musicology at the University of Leeds; also Gabriela Montero, concert pianist and e…

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IMPROVISING AS A LOST ART : The art of realtime composition

Article by William Harris
Prof. Em. Middlebury College

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