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Blog posts March 2016

the daily dozen ...

The usual early start this morning and, with coffee in hand, climbed up on the old stool and took some J.S.Bach models for improvisation. One is below, as I've been messing about with Baroque dance suites recently, noting the different characteristics of Allemande, Gigue, Courante etc. Actually with…

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Making music with David Bowie

"Searching for music is like searching for God."

"They're very similar. There's an effort to reclaim the unmentionable, the unsayable, the unseeable, the speakable.." so I heard David Bowie say on the radio last night, in his strange, laconic and fragile voice. I remembered these words becaus…

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Classic(al) attitudes to improvisation

Classic(al) attitudes to improvisation: an evening with Franz Joseph Stoiber in the Igreja dos Jerónimos, Lisbon.

This was an unusual concert for an organist: improvisations from start to finish, and unrestricted by style or genre, as  Franz Joseph Stoiber, the titular organist of Regensburg Cat…

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Improvising using Reger's modulations

The original title of this collection of modulatory exemplars was
On the Theory of Modulation (Beiträge zur Modulationslehre)  published in 1904.

It's particularly exciting to have this collection by Max Reger, as he is the master of the sudden modulation! His organ preludes and fantasies ar…

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