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Blog posts April 2016

Introducing Dissonance (a response to Glenn Osbourne)

Introducing Dissonance (a response to Glenn Osbourne)

I recently received an email from Glenn Osbourne's blog with the title "Introducing Dissonance" which got me thinking. As Glenn says, it's a common axiom in improvisation that "there are no wrong notes in improvising" and this theory - pos…

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NPR puts the case for classical improvisation

The following article is from New York's NPR (National Public Radio) website, publicising a broadcast with Robert Levin. More examples of the intrepid Robert Levin improvising can be found on the Audio page of this website.




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Attention 1

A PhD can be an uncomfortable and disorienting experience. 

One minute I feel on the break of marvellous discoveries, the next minute I'm lost in a fog of research, a labyrinth in which I long ago dropped the helpful string which leads to daylight. Take the case of attention: I knew, as soon…

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