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Blog posts April 2017

Further discussion on learning (2)

All about learning - conscious? unconscious? What's the difference? Does it matter?

Previously I quoted from Nick Ellis's (2011) chapter: Implicit and Explicit SLA and Their Interface, which is found in Sanz, C., & Leow, R. P. (Eds), Implicit and explicit language learning: conditions, proce…

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Further discussion on learning (1)


When I improvise, what is it that I learn?

1. I will experience learning through implicit processes, i.e. unconsciously.

2. I will experience learning through explicit processes, i.e. reflectively, of which I am aware.

What do I then retain from these experiences fo…

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Problems of learning in improvisation.

My main motivation for starting this PhD was in order to improvise better. Better? Well, to learn how to express myself musically, to escape from the frustration and confusion I felt when I tried to improvise. The motivation was in this sense primarily musical. But, I realised that, in order to atta…

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Competence vs. Performance

Distinction between competence - performance in language and improvisation; presence of rules - are rules a good aid to learning? - contrasting the rules of theory and musical construction, vs. rules of production.

(image, Noam Chomsky)

One idea which constantly recurs in theories of langua…

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New lessons!

I recently started a new course of study with the composer, organist and improviser Jurgen Essl in Stuttgart.

This is a wonderful and salutary experience for me, having worked so much on my own, to bring my development as an improviser to the attention of someone with this level of experience an…

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