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Blog posts November 2020

Buxtehude 2 - Fugues & Fughettas

Some more (tricky) fugue subjects and answers from Dietrich Buxtehude!

Fughetta subject in G major


Also this one in G minor and in compound time (12/8)


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Buxtehude - preludes

Using the Friesach sample set of Piotr Grabowski (see here for more details), am enjoying several break-throughs in improvising Buxtehude-style Preludes and free-style forms. These forms tend to mix short sections of declamatory, fantasy phrases with choppy fughettas and contrapuntal sections. The F…

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Focus on David Dolan

David Dolan stands out in the world of classical improvisation. Why?

He's an important pedagogue who specialises in teaching non-improvisers (classically-trained musicians at the highest level, who have experience only in interpreting written scores) to improvise. This means that not only has…

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Prelude schemas

I had a great time today writing out 'chord streams' for Preludes. These are rows of chords which might be used to structure a free Prelude. I've had many problems with improvising free Preludes - usually it's the first thing I do in church, just when I'm feeling a bit cold! I tend to have a good op…

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