for classical musicians

Contemporary-style improvisations

Organ improvisation I - in mid-20th century style. This improvisation follows a succession of rhythmic motifs, developing these freely through constantly evolving registration (colour) changes. Textures are layered, contrasting busy semiquavers with still, chordal and melodic lines.

Organ improvisation II - in free style. Again, this improvisation is rhythmically driven, but this time more symphonic in character. 

Baroque-style improvisations

Improvised Prelude, Fugue and toccata (after Dietrich Buxtehude 1637-1707). Recorded in the monastery of S Bento da Vitoria, Porto, Portugal

Improvised Chorale Partita, on the theme of Jesu, meine Seele Wonne (after J.S. Bach 1685-1750).

Improvised Plein jeu and Fugue in French Baroque style. Recorded live in Sala Suggia, Casa da Música, Jan 15th, 2020.